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The core values for Guillaume & Freckman are the essence of who we are as a company.  These values will not change and we will not compromise what they stand for.  

We enjoy serving our clients on a daily basis and our primary objective is their long term success.  This is accomplished by not wavering from the core values outlined below.

Practice Stewardship - Embrace Contentment

Stewardship is defined as the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care. This is our foundation as we provide advice. We believe that we are acting as a steward for our clients and provide recommendations accordingly. The advice we provide would be the same thing we would do ourselves if our circumstances were the same. We also aim to be completely transparent with all fees and expenses while outlining any potential conflicts of interest. 

Cultivate Trust - Develop Long-Term Relationships

We believe financial planning is most successful with long term relationships and consistent guidance. We have numerous clients and families who have been working with us for over 20 years. These are some of the most meaningful professional or personal relationships that we have. Due to our high touch approach we only add a handful of clients each year and we hope each of these clients will have a relationship with us that will last a lifetime. The level of trust built up over the life of a relationship is very valuable to us. We enjoy seeing clients experience the benefits of the financial planning started decades earlier as kids go to college and retirement is a reality. 

Invest in the market - Do Not Attempt To Predict It

We invest in the market for our clients without making any prediction of the short-term direction of the market or the economy.  We are confident that investing for the long-term works effectively when done along with financial planning based on well-defined goals and objectives.  There are media outlets that interview various experts who claim to know where the market and economy are headed.  We believe this is simply entertainment.  It is not possible to time the market consistently over long periods of time. 

Be Strategic - Utilize Sophisticated Planning With Efficient Implementation

We are committed to remaining informed of the latest financial planning strategies.  We use this information to efficiently develop, implement and monitor our client’s financial plans.  We work hard to keep the planning concise and practical so our clients can easily understand the overall approach.

Grow Constantly - Commit To An Expanding Expertise

We strive to constantly expand our knowledge in all areas of financial planning, tax strategies and investment management to give truly holistic advice to our clients. The pace of change and flow of information continues to occur at a faster and faster pace and we are committed to be at the forefront of these changes as it relates to financial planning, tax strategies, retirement income and investment strategy. We attend numerous conferences each year along with subscribing to various journals that provide timely and actionable information.