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Guillaume & Freckman offers financial planning and investment management services according to the schedule below. The schedule is applied to the assets we manage.

The following points explain our beliefs about our services and the cost of these services.

  • We believe in a fiduciary standard, which can only be accomplished through transparency around our compensation. Guillaume & Freckman’s only compensation will come directly from you through your asset management fee.
  • We believe that your assets are a good indicator of your financial planning issues. Therefore, we have chosen to use an asset management fee so that the assets also drive the cost of the services provided.
  • The cost of the services provided is a function of our time and expertise and the wisdom we can bring to your situation.
  • We have a minimum annual fee of $12,000 which is applicable to those with assets under our management of less than roughly $1,200,000. This fee would be a combination of an annual advisory fee (1.00% according to the fee schedule below) and a flat annual financial planning fee.
Household SizeAnnual Advisory Fee
$1,200,000 - $2,499,9991.00%
$2,500,000 - $4,499,9990.90%
$4,500,000 - $6,499,9990.80%
$6,500,000 + Negotiable

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