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Why work with you?

What types of people benefit most from working with you?

The types of people that benefit most from working with us value comprehensive financial advice, are focused on long term planning, and tend to delegate in areas where they don't have expertise and/or the time to learn. We also find these clients agree with our core values and our approach to long term, low cost investing.

What types of people are not a good fit for your services?

The types of people that are not a good fit include people looking only for investment management with a focus on trying to outperform the market (Hint: it won't work). People who are not focused on long term financial planning or who are focused on a quick fix solution are also not a good fit for our services.

Isn't it wiser to use multiple financial advisors rather than one?

This question sometimes arises when considering having one advisor manage all of your assets. It is definitely an understandable question, one with a two-part answer.

The first part of our answer addresses whether it is wise to have all your assets with one advisor and the custodian the advisor uses. We’ve written here about how to know our business is not a scam. This post details how we’ve chosen who we partner with to manage and and hold our clients’ assets.

The second part of our answer addresses investment risk and performance. Our Investment Management page details what we believe about the markets. To directly answer this question though, we would agree that with some financial advisors you may benefit from a second advisor if the first advisor did not properly allocate your assets and used investments that are concentrated in a relatively small number of holdings. Our portfolios do not require such additional diversification. To start, our equity portfolios contain over 13,000 stocks with exact exposure to large-, mid- and small-cap stocks and foreign markets – both developed and emerging. Moreover, an additional advisor would require close monitoring of the assets to manage your overall risk, which can be next to impossible if the additional advisor used active managers.

With a trusted advisor, a solid custodian, and an extremely diverse portfolio tailored to the amount of risk you are comfortable taking in order to address your goals, you have everything you need in one place.

Stock investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Do you work with people out of the state?

What do you do to secure my personal data?