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About Us

Purposeful Wealth Experience®

Why do we have wealth and does it have an ultimate purpose?  Is it something to gather, collect and store? And for how long?

Having wealth is a great responsibility and it should be managed with purpose. There are a number of benefits of wealth including financial security, ability to spend time not earning an income and a more comfortable lifestyle.  There are a number of significant things that wealth is not able to secure including personal health, the joy of family and contentment.  

We created the Purposeful Wealth Experience® to address all aspects of wealth.   Wealth is useless if there constant worry about money instead of contentment in the heart.  It is also useless if there is no consideration of the long term impact.  Our goal is that our clients would understand that wealth alone does not accomplish anything.  A holistic understanding must be achieved so that wealth can be used to its maximum potential.  Our unique process was designed to bring clients through this experience. 

We believe families who manage wealth according to established wisdom and principles will experience contentment under all economic conditions, confidence in their financial decisions, and excellent communication with everyone involved resulting in maximized generosity of time, talents and treasure.  We come to work each day to help make this a reality for our clients. 

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