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What I'm Reading - May 2016

I enjoy reading a wide variety of articles in my spare time on various topics.  I will start to post links to a few interesting articles to this blog every few weeks.  Here are some of my favorite articles from the past few weeks.

Why Chobani Gave Employees A Financial Stake In Company's Future

A great summary about how Chobani Founder Hamdi Ulukaya's gave 10% of his company, worth an estimated $3 billon, to employees.  http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2016/04/28/476021520/why-chobani-gave-employees-a-financial-stake-in-companys-future


Here's Your Degree. Now Go Defeat Demagogues. 

This is the speech that Michael Bloomberg gave to the University of Michigan’s 2016 graduating class.  This is a great summery of the current economy “Now, we have an economy based on information: Acquire the knowledge, apply the analytics and use your creativity. This is hard to do and hard to learn, and even once you’ve mastered it, you have to start learning all over again, pretty much every day.”


The secret history of Tiger Woods

I really enjoyed watching Tiger Woods play golf in the 2000’s.  This is the story about how he lost this way.  A great reminder of the long term impact of small decisions.  http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/15278522/how-tiger-woods-life-unraveled-years-father-earl-woods-death


What have you been reading? Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedinor email at eric@gf-weath.com 

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