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Education planning, whether for K-12 private school or for college costs, is a significant area of concern for most families. Our goal is to provide clarity and guidance, which, as you may have guessed, begins with understanding your purpose.

Purpose comes into play most when determining how much of the college expenses the parents want to pay. We’re able to provide insight into how to best implement your plans, whether paying for a small percentage of college expenses or paying all expenses, including graduate school. As an example, often parents will want their children to have some skin in the game, so they take their classes seriously, yet also do not want to burden them with student loans. In this situation we often suggest the students have a nominal amount of student loans that the parents could then help pay for after graduation, if desired. Beyond insight on how to implement the purpose behind your children’s education, we help with college savings through 529 accounts and the maximization of tax credits and deductions.

For parents wanting their children to be in private K-12 we are able to help with cash flow and reviewing potential tax breaks for these expenses.

Regardless of your plan for your child’s education, we firmly believe that the expenses must be incorporated into your entire financial plan. The cost of education will impact nearly all financial planning areas including your cash flow, retirement, taxes, charitable giving and estate planning. Our goal is to show you the impact to these areas to allow you to make the best decision for your family and then to efficiently implement the plan.