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Eric Freckman, Financial Advisor | Partner

Eric M. Freckman, CFP®, CKA® is a financial advisor and partner of Guillaume & Freckman. He has 23 years of experience in the financial planning industry and holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Taylor University in Upland Indiana.  Eric has maintained his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation since 2003.

Eric enjoys working with clients and helping them realize there is much more to life than money.  He believes that money is only a tool that, when used effectively, can support and enhance the important things in life.  This is why Guillaume & Freckman assists clients in Purposeful Wealth Management – a strong belief that financial planning and investment management should have a clearly defined purpose. It is also why Eric became a Certified Kingdom Advisor® in December 2013 (more on that designation here).

Eric and his wife Jen live in Inverness with their four kids. The kids are growing up quickly, and Eric and Jen are enjoying these crazy years with young kids. Some recent highlights include adopting Kaylee, family bike rides, spending time with family in West Michigan, Florida vacations, and the kids' activities like soccer and ballet.

Eric and Jen are also very involved in their local church.  They lead a small group of newly married couples and served in youth ministry for 14 years.  They also had a great experience with Safe Families and have had over 10 kids stay in their home for up to six months. 

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Eric abides by the CFP Board’s code of ethics. He also abides by the Kingdom Advisor's code of ethics. You can view Eric on the following pages: CFP Board, Broker Check and Kingdom Advisors.